Get to know your farmers

Market value

In these small mountain villages, it is nearly impossible for the farmers to offer their tea for a fair and competitive price as they are limited by area. By opening the marketplace to the world, Misty Peak has allowed them a fair value for their harvest while getting them involved in the retail side of the process as well. Our fair value allows the family to do what they do best, produce incredible Pu’er tea. Centuries of expert farming within one family can be carried on in one cup of tea. In allowing the farmer the means to do exactly what they do best, we are able to provide the best Pu’er tea the Western World has ever seen, at an incredible fair price. Value is given to the finished product and fairly priced to the consumer, just as value is fairly given to the harvest and labors of our partners in the family. We must treat others fairly in order to thrive as a community.

More than fair

As a purveyor, we have the option to give the farmers the regular going rate for their tea, as their fellow neighbors do. Or we can make sure they are getting the true world-market’s value for their tea. By paying near-retail value for their tea, we are able to ensure they are part of a fair trade and are able to afford the best equipment and help to continue providing the world with a fantastic tea. If any corner is cut, we lose the love and attention put into this tea. We must stay ahead of the curve in order to allow them to treated like they have the best Pu’er available. With a world-class tea, they deserve a More Than Fair trade. With this, their neighbors and others realize they have something very special to trade and this helps the entire community grow.

Working together

We work with the family of farmers from the inside, not as outsiders. After being welcomed in as a part of the family, we understand that in order for us to provide tea to the world, we have to provide a fair life for the farmers as well. It is not a mere a transaction between business associates, it is a relationship between friends. Together, we bring this tea to you. The way we treat the family has an impact on the relationship between our cultures and our families.Providing the family with a more than competitive value allows them to be more competitive in their marketplace and for local farmers to see the value of their harvest as well; this is how we help the community from which we source our tea.

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