Sustainable farming allows the organisms in the soil to thrive.


After centuries of farming within the family, they have continued on the same path of sustainable farming. If the soil is not rich than the tea will not meet its full potential We must ensure that we provide to our earth so that our earth can provide for us. There is no shortcuts to sustainable farming, one must be conscious of the life of the soil, the trees, and the surrounding environment.

Farming methods

The family uses only traditional style farming methods. In ancient times, there was no mass plumbing system or dangerous chemicals to increase crop production. They believe in treating the trees well and using other methods to protect harvest their tea. By using rain water collected during winter and rainy season they lessen the impact and cost of production. In relying on the natural characters of the plant, instead of artificial chemicals, they ensure the tea is just as it was thousands of years ago.

Chemical free

Our tea is grown at high altitude, nearly 6,000 feet above sea level and the mountains of Yiwu. The family has never used chemicals on their trees and never will; not in the soil, not on the trees, and not on the leaves. They want to ensure the life of the trees and us as natural as possible.

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