Why tea addicts go crazy for Pu'er tea

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Pu’er tea is on a wave in the West right now. In China, where it is from and where tea originated, it has been consumed and revered for thousands of years. Pu’er is one of the only teas that has such a history and a historical relevance of such high regard. The tea is unique in dozens of ways, but mostly because it is most often picked from large trees instead of small bushes like other teas. Also, it is the only tea that does not expire and actually gets better over the years.
Some Pu’er tea, the green version most often, is pleasant to drink when it is fresh: it’s vegetal as well as aromatic with a pleasant bitterness in addition to an amazing sun-dried boldness. Other Pu’er tea needs years of aging and maturing for a deep bitterness or severe, smoky tastes to smooth out into a pleasant, sweet and distinguished taste. We only offer teas that are ready to be enjoyed today and that are good for years to come.
A great amount of enjoying Pu’er is watching the tea change from month to month and, believe it or not, from day to day. The variations in conditions across countries and environments allow the same tea, picked from the same family, to taste entirely different depending on where it is eventually stored. The farmer we get our tea from compares Pu’er to a human. “As a baby, they are crazy and sweet or bitter or bold, but as they become a young child, they are a bit more settled and decided and sweet. As a gentleman, they are calm and sit you still and are more balanced and sweet.” This is the beauty and possibilities of Pu’er.
There are three kinds of Pu’er: Ripe Black Pu’er, Green Raw Pu’er, and aged green Pu’er. We have links to the difference on our site, but the variety of those allows for a tremendous learning curve and a deep dive into the history and culture and possibilities of tea that no other tea can speak to. Often, when someone drinks Pu’er for the first time, they may or may not enjoy it, but they are, at the very least, interested in learning more.

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