How to make cold brew

It is ridiculously hot right now, and drinking anything hot sounds dreadful to some people. So, we have a very easy way to make iced pu’er tea for you. Depending on how much you want and how strong you want it, feel free to fluctuate tea-amount.
Step 1: Place 15 grams(1 handful) of loose green Pu’er tea in 1 gallon of room temperature water
Step 2: Place in refrigerator overnight (8-12 hours)
Step 3: Wake up and run full speed to fridge and pour yourself a glass over ice!
You will LOVE this. Its super refreshing, lasts at least 3 days, and you can even keep adding water to it for the first day or two to refill it.
Feel free to let us know how you love it. (Hint: some say honey is great with it too)
Enjoy and stay cool this summer!

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