Physical effects of drinking tea

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Many people enjoy tea for the taste or the benefits of the caffeine content present in the beverage; however, there is so much more that brings people into the wonderful world of tea.

Before explaining too much, let’s note that quality is the most important when hoping for any benefits and the lack thereof could negatively affect one after drinking tea, or not affect them at all. Whether it be the desire for tea drunkenness (similar to that of a cannabis high), or the desire to cool a warm body during the heat, consuming tea has a variety of uses and effects on our bodies and each tea has its own effects as well.

When consuming teas, one will first notice an increase in the production of saliva in their mouth because tea is high in polyphenols. Because of the diuretic effects of caffeine drinking tea can similarly lead to regular urination; however, frequent tea-drinking makes this less common in people. An extraordinary effect of teas is it can help to quench our thirst and quickly stave off dehydration. Caffeine in tea aids to convert fat in the body into energy, triggering sweating, hence the cooling effect, especially in green teas.

In premium teas, especially those picked from older trees like ours, the body will feel very grounded and one may even have a pleasant tiredness. This is completely normal and is sign of a good tea. We also may feel tingling in our extremities like our toes or hands or feet and may feel warmth in our stomach due to the increase in blood to that area of the body.

The best advice is to be more mindful to your own body the next time you drink tea. There is no standardized effect from tea, so give it a go and let us know how it makes you feel too!


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