Focus: Oolong – Tie Guan Yin (1lb / 454g)


How does it taste?

  • Notes of dried apricot and roasted chestnuts
  • Tastes very refreshing with vibrant aroma
  • Cleanses the palate and helps to awaken the senses
  • Very pleasant floral aroma
  • Fantastic to drink hot or iced

Story of this tea

  • One of Asia’s top 5 teas
  • Grown at very high altitudes along the sides of mist-covered mountains
  • Rolled by hand into tiny balls that open into giant leaves when brewed
  • Most difficult tea in the world to produce
  • Requires 12 different steps from picking to finishing, most teas require only four
  • Produced in Fujian Province in rural China
  • Only masters are able to produce the prized Oolongs of Asia
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