Loose Leaf Spring 2016 Pu’er Green Tea (Sheng Raw Pu’er) (1lb / 454g)


This is going to be fun!! Loose leaf Raw Pu’er Tea. No pick needed, no breaking it apart from the disc or cake…it does not get much easier than this! Also a great way to share and enjoy and travel with your new favorite tea when it is loose. Hey, you can even try to compress it yourself later!


The taste of change with the complexity that comes with aging. The leaves have now endured Spring and Summer and have absorbed so much as the seasons change. The complexity of Autumn’s Pu’er allows for a tea that starts with a rich plum flavor and evolves into sweet peach notes, while holding a gold amber hue throughout the steepings. The deep mineral and stone fruit taste has this tea aging into something so different with each passing month. Once one sits with this tea, they will notice complete relaxation as the Autumn tea calms the body and mind.

A true Pu’er; how it has been enjoyed for millenniums.

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Fruity: peach blossom




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