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Happy: Chinese Green tea (1lb / 454g)

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Story of this tea

• Produced only in Henan Province in rural China
• Regarded as one of China’s top 10 teas
• Grown at very high altitudes along the sides of mist-covered mountains
• A premium green tea and one of the most prized teas of China
• Considered a “daily drinker” by most as it is very easy to enjoy and re-brew
• Thee leaves are thin, round, bright and have lots of tips and buds that make it sweet

How does it taste?

• Vegetative and refreshingly savory
• Aroma similar to fresh walnuts
• Easy to drink throughout the day because it is refreshing and uplifting
• Not bitter so no sugar is required
• Very pleasant aftertaste that leaves mouth and throat sweet • Great to drink cold or hot

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