Balance: Pu’er black tea, 2013, Menghai (1lb / 454g)


Story of this tea

• Pu’er tea is the first tea ever cultivated on earth, thousands of years ago
• The tea is aged, much like a wine, so that bitterness fades and turns into sweetness
• Known worldwide for its accompaniment at Dim Sum and Chinese restaurants, the tea is known for its ability to cleanse the body and palate after heavy meals
• Most prescribed tea in Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Picked from giant tea trees rather than tea bushes like manyteas
• Was once a currency and carried on horseback across much of eastern Asia
• A tea like none other in taste, look, aroma, and history • Great to warm the body and settle the mood and mind
• Great to warm the body and settle the mood and mind

How does it taste?

• Rich earthy notes similar to sweet potatoes and mushrooms
• The color of rosé wine shows the tea is light on the tongue but full-bodied
• The tastes and aromas we enjoy in Pu’er are unlike any other tea in the world
• Sweet on the tongue and soothing to swallow
• Great to drink cold or hot. Dummy-proof to make

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Fruity: dried plum


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